SAT Exam


The SAT is administered by the College Board, a not-for-profit member association which also governs the PSAT and AP programs.

SAT Registration
To register for the SAT, students can create an online account at or register by mail by picking up a registration packet at their guidance counselor's office. We recommend that you register online because your scores will be posted to your online account just two weeks after the completion of the test. You will also be able to download the essay question and your response. Students who enroll by mail will have to wait to receive their scores by mail or pay the additional $15 for their scores by phone.

You are required to register by mail if you are:

  • younger than 13 years old
  • registering a Sunday administration for the first time due to religious observance
  • located over 75 miles from a test center and wish to take the test closer to home
  • taking the test in Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, India, and Pakistan.

Exams Registration


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Testing Fees

  • $52.5 (approx.) plus $42 (Non-U.S. Regional Fee)
  • For subject tests, an additional $26 as basic subject test fee
  • For SAT subject tests, a certain additional fee may be required.

Additional fees may apply, including late registration costs and international processing charges. You can also purchase additional score reports, copies of your answers, and other services from the College Board. This information is available on their website and at the time of registration.

If you are unable to afford the registration costs, fee waivers are available through your counselor's office. Students who qualify for an SAT fee waiver usually qualify for college application fee waivers, as well.

Test Dates
The SAT is offered 7 times throughout the traditional school year. Students should take the test during one of the three spring administrations of their Junior year, and take it again in the fall of their Senior year.

You can view upcoming test dates here.

Here are the exam dates for the year 2016-17:

1. October 1, 2016
2. November 5, 2016
3. December 3, 2016
4. January 21, 2017
5. May 6, 2017
6. June 3, 2017

Score Delivery Dates
SAT scores will be available to students beginning on the dates listed below.
October 1 test date: October 27 score delivery
November 5 test date: November 29 score delivery
December 3 test date: December 22 score delivery
January 21 test date: February 23 score delivery
March 11 test date: April 13 score delivery
May 6 test date: June 8 score delivery
June 3 test date: July 12 score delivery

Score Delivery Dates
SAT Subject Test scores will be available to students beginning on the dates listed below.
Oct. 1 test date: Oct. 27 score delivery
Nov. 5 test date: Nov. 29 score delivery
Dec. 3 test date: Dec. 22 score delivery
Jan. 21 test date: Feb. 23 score delivery
May 6 test date: June 8 score delivery
June 3 test date: July 12 score delivery

Almost forget to register? The deadline for regular registration varies, but is typically a month prior to the test administration. Online registration must be completed by the deadline, while mailed entries must be postmarked by the deadline. Students who miss the regular registration may still enroll with a late fee, provided they still register about three weeks prior to the test. You can find these deadlines and additional fees here.

Study Materials

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