There have never been so many great reasons to work or study overseas. The Bridge offers expert advice, inspirational first-hand experiences, and practical resources for anyone who wishes to explore the possibilities.

Through our expertise, in-depth knowledge and integrity we commit to delivering an exceptional experience to customers each and every time they use our service.

Tourist / Visitor Visas: Tourism or holiday or visit a friend or relative or organised tour in overseas.

Business Visas: Business tour, meet overseas clients or potential partners to open an office in overseas or to pitch for business or attend a fair or conference.

Student Visas: We will handle your case from searching to writing entrance exams, seeking for scholarships, getting an offer letter from a university or college to the payment of tuition, visa processing and getting to your final destination.

Dependent Visas: For those whose spouse or parents are on a student or work visa and these applicants wish to join them.

Settlement Visas: For those whose spouse or parents are on an immigration visa and these applicants wish to join them.

Work Study Visa: Willing to work in the USA, Canada, UK and so on. Must be willing to study part time.
Australia and UK Working Holiday Visa: For those wanting to work and live in the UK, Australia for 2 years or more.

Youth Mobility Visa: For those below 31 years old wanting to work and live in the UK for 2 years or more.

UK Sole Representative Visa: For any company wanting to open a branch in the UK.

USA H-1 Visas, USA L1 Visas and USA J-1 Visas: Work in the USA, companies wishing to send staff to the USA to work long-term and For those who are sponsored by a private sector or government program and for cultural exchange respectively.

Work Abroad
Education Services

We have been very successful in helping many clients find suitable jobs overseas. Our service costs are minimal, you can be assured that your resume is received by hundreds of employers and placement agencies - this is while you do nothing yourself. When an employer is interested in your resume, you get an email directly in your inbox. A great option for the busy professional who doesn't have the time to actively market himself.


Living and studying in oversea as an international student will bring you many opportunities. We have resources that will help you prepare for your academic journey and fun new experiences in many countries.

We offer documentation processing, application and filing services for those interested in applying for any visa. We can help you apply for any visa in any country of your choice. We have a 99% success rate for visas processing in all type of visas as listed below.

We are one of the leading Visa and Immigration Consultants and Agents. Our perfect documentation assures you a visa to any destination country of your choice. Our success rate runs close to 99% as we are qualified professionals specializing in Visa processing, School admission processing, Immigration, Appeal cases and Foreign Exams registration, having the top level expertise and extensive experience. Our highly professional approach and a crisp documentation fetch us success in most matters we undertake. Our honest and fair dealings with clients as their Visa Agents and professional interactions with embassy officials and staff have earned us an enviable reputable in our line of business.

We are easily accessible from anywhere in the world through e-mail even after you have migrated abroad – to offer our continued services to you as your personal Visa Consultant and Agent.

We charge reasonable fees for our services as Visa / Educational Consultants and Agents – there are no unpleasant surprises. We let the applicants know in advance what their chance of success would be. Success comes naturally, provided the applicants do not submit any fake documents, co-operate with us in a timely manner and provide us all the documents in the manner we recommend in order to successfully prepare the case. Our fee structure and payment terms are fully explained at the time of our taking up the case.


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